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Time tracking essentials

Here’s what Time Tracker does best


Track time from anywhereTime tracking software that lets you track time from anywhere

Coffee shops, in the office, comfy yoga pants

Time Tracker was built for teams. Your employees track time from any device or location including your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or Outlook—and you approve it for billing or payroll. If you like, approved entries can also sync with QuickBooks for faster billing and payroll (optional).
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Approve employee timesheets with Time Tracker by eBillity

They track, you approve

Your team’s time, all in one place

With Time Tracker, employees submit their time to an admin for approval. Admins are usually the boss or bookkeeper. The admin can approve or edit any employee entries. If the admin approves the time entry, it will automatically sync to QuickBooks (if enabled).
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Time tracking software with detailed reports

Create detailed reports

Discover where your time goes

Our time tracking software renders reports that reveal user and customer time activity, helping you better understand where your employees are allocating their time and which customers are earning you the most money.
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Do more with our QuickBooks Sync

Time syncs to QuickBooks for billing and payroll

Enter time in Time Tracker for your QuickBooks customers


Track here, invoice in QuickBooks

Faster and simpler QuickBooks billing

Time Tracker connects seamlessly with QuickBooks PC and QuickBooks Online.
Track your team’s hours and instantly sync approved time entries to QuickBooks for billing, and if enabled, payroll.
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Track time from your phone with Time Tracker by eBillity

Instant QuickBooks sync

Enter time in Time Tracker for your QuickBooks customers

Time Tracker and QuickBooks work together. If you create a new customer in QuickBooks, your team will instantly be able to enter time for that new customer directly in Time Tracker.
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Get the most out of your time

Add professional invoices and online payments

Time tracking software with online billing


Online invoices & expense tracking

Simple and fast accounting features

Add Time Tracker + Billing and you get professional customizable online invoices. Creating a branded invoice only takes 4 clicks from start to finish. You can also track expenses from any device or location.
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Accept online payments with Time Tracker + Billing

Easy online payments

Keep the cash flowing

Our time tracking software integrates with Stripe, allowing you to accept credit cards and online payments instantly without needing advanced processing. You can send overdue notices, check customer balances, and put payment links right inside your email invoices.
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“As a small business owner, eBillity has reduced my headaches of trying to manage billable time and invoicing for clients.”

Kevin Bingham,
CU Data Miner LLC

“LOVE IT. I’ve recommended it to several businesses’”

HRMGR from Athens, GA

“I am thrilled that our employees are using eBillity, and submitting their timesheets on time!”

Lori Wilkes

Happy Customer

“I recommend this program to anyone with a mobile force OR if you don’t want your employees entering their time directly into QuickBooks”

Brittany from Chicago

“Our staff likes using your system to enter time and I enjoy the ease of processing time for payroll and billing.”

Michael & Laurie

“Someone is always available and they get to the problem without delay.”

Sara from Austin

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